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Ritz.. What the heck?

I do not know how you have managed to package these crackers. As soon as I open the package and touch a cracker ALL the crackers crumble to really is like a curel joke.

If I do manage to get a whole cracker out, and to my mouth, before the air brakes it... I find another cruel joke...expecting the taste of Ritz...the taste is horrible not the same old mouth watering Ritz..really the store brand is better

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I already commented but lost it so if this is a duplicate, I apologize. It's not just regular Ritz.

I bought the "everything" Ritz, thinking there was just some flukey issue with the regular, but I had the same exact issue. They crumbled as soon as I touched them. Out of 4 sleeves of crackers, two were normal sleeves and two were horribly crumbled and inedible (unless you need cracker crumbs). How can some (in the same box) be normal but you can't make them all normal???

I wouldn't complain if it happened one time, but I bet it's been over a year that they've been like this - and my mother likes them so she still deals with it. I can't. It's like throwing money away.

Sorry, but I'm not buying them anymore until Nabisco comes out publicly to let us know they're back to normal. They cost way too much to only be able to eat half (if you're lucky).

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