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The crackers just crumble when you open each pack. They also seem to lack the texture and taste they used to have.

I tried the family size, and the standard size, and the crackers literally crumble in your hands. Whatever is going on? It cant be cost effective if you are going to lose a ton customers over these changes. I realize competing in a global market makes aspects of profiting in the food industry difficult, but I would have just charged more for the crackers, before changing the recipe or ingredients.

At this point I'm open to trying a store brand. At least then I know what I'm getting into.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ritz Crackers Toasted Chips Crackers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I agree Ritz crackers have changed and I won't be buying them anymore


I agree. We opened a new box of Ritz crackers and they are not a Ritz cracker.

I ate them earlier in the week and had to look at the box to make sure I didn’t get the reduced something version.

My daughter grabbed a cracker this morning and just looking at it she said something is wrong with the Ritz cracker then after eating the cracker she was very disappointed to find that Ritz had changed their cracker. We’ve lost our favorite family cracker.


I have noticed that when you put peanut butter on them some break.


I have noticed the c change. Will be looking for another cracker.

Had crumbs everywhere.

The taste isn't even the same. I bought the Christmas so wflake and they are going back today.


Me too, why I did this Google search.


if you guys have ever eaten combos their flavor died causing them to loose in the market. the cheese flavor has become so synthetic.

but i can still recall their cheese tasted like milk. now they taste like flour with salt. i knew companies are no longer putting organic cheese and the chemist are paid to duplicate the taste with chemicals. ahhh poor world do we have.

companies are for profit. i still remember i cannot give other people combos because i like it so much


I just did a Google search after having my beloved Ritz crackers crumble and the taste just disappeared. They taste like the cheapest store brand.

Glad my concerns have been confirmed by others but incredibly disappointed. Going to try other brands.


Me too ..... had company over for Hors d’oeuvres How embarrassing watching the crackers crumble as my guest ‘s we’re dipping into my apple Carmel cheese ball .

I even got the box out to prove they were Ritz crackers and not some cheap knockoff.... well guess they are now


Real Cheddar Cheese was my favorite. Now it's like taking a bite out of a block of flavorless salt. The amount of salt they have put on them is ridiculous.


I thought it was just me lol, the new packaging is also dissapointing.


They just taste like other generic brand. I sadly will not be buying them again.

Why mess with such a good thing. So sad.


The ones with a blue label under the logo that says "Sabor a Queso" in spanish, taste bad, soooooo bad, i have decided not to buy this again.


I thought I was going crazy thank you for this!


Totally agree. Ritz crackers now have no flavour and texture is nowhere as good as used to be.

Box is marked 'original ' but are not original flavour. Taking them back.


#metoo. never buying again.

i just came back from overseas after a decade.

they taste completely different than i remember. buy buy hahhaaaa NOT!


Ugh!!!! Wtf they taste off! You just lost a customer!


I have had the exact same experience..disappointed. Not on my must buy list anymore :(


They seem thinner and not quite round.. and I could deal with all that if they didn't taste weird!



Why did they change such a wonderful recipe to these flavorless wax-tasting crackers?

So disappointing. I gave them to the birds.


Ritz Crackers are terrible now. Nothing but a package of crumbs.

I will never buy another box. I bought 2 boxes, I dumbed the first box you couldn’t spread butter on them because you couldn’t even get a whole one to come out of the package. I opened the second box thinking it would be different & like the original Ritz crackers I was completely wrong. I dumped the second box as well.

Bye Bye Ritz Crackers in my home. The old saying,” if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” applies here.

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