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The crackers just crumble when you open each pack.They also seem to lack the texture and taste they used to have.

I tried the family size, and the standard size, and the crackers literally crumble in your hands. Whatever is going on? It cant be cost effective if you are going to lose a ton customers over these changes. I realize competing in a global market makes aspects of profiting in the food industry difficult, but I would have just charged more for the crackers, before changing the recipe or ingredients.

At this point I'm open to trying a store brand.At least then I know what I'm getting into.

Review about: Ritz Crackers Toasted Chips Crackers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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Ritz Crackers are terrible now.Nothing but a package of crumbs.

I will never buy another box. I bought 2 boxes, I dumbed the first box you couldn’t spread butter on them because you couldn’t even get a whole one to come out of the package. I opened the second box thinking it would be different & like the original Ritz crackers I was completely wrong. I dumped the second box as well.

Bye Bye Ritz Crackers in my home.The old saying,” if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” applies here.


What was once a great cracker has now become a joke.


The crumble now. No longer quality. I will not buy them again.


I agree.They taste stale and crumble easily.

Probably changed the fat content and made them thinner.

Poor quality and value.Time to get a new supplier.

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