Why oh Why do your Ritz Crackers NOW have NO SALT nevermind less salt its NO SALT.My family have bought 50 boxes weekly as part of our healthy diet and are now devastated that u have removed the salt...just to make sure it was not just me..I done my own RITZ survey and no surprise 92/100 agreed!!! So what does that tell u...u have forgot the SALT....wont bother with the cheese cracker as I fear there will be no cheese!!!!!

more Ritz disappointments!! over to u...do u need me to send u some salt?????

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Last two big boxes of Ritz purchased at Costco tasted like low salt, but were not labeled as such. Low salt crackers taste exactly like cardboard!

Please let me be the judge of how much salt I eat! It is not your concern.

Now I’m just waiting to get to the end of the box so I can buy something else. (Label on box says 105mg per serving)


No way your family bought 50 boxes weekly just straight BS


My ritzy crackers have little to NO salt on top! I have bought multiple boxes from different stores, I.

Different size packages. Once or twice I got salty ones! When there is no salt, it is NO SALT on any in the whole package! I buy the original ones, NOT the low sodium ones!

Ritz is a popular cracker! Where’s the quality control!?

What gives!? 2018.


Apparently a batch of Ritz crackers slips through with NO salt on top. It's 2018, and I have a box that has no salt at all on the tops of the crackers. Disappointing.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1238460

For me no salt would be good, I love Ritz but now can have salt....sorry you couldn't find the ones with it....they have low salt, and reg where I shop.... Good luck and blessings


Ritz has always taste good with the salt. Now it tastes bland for people with no taste. I am done with Ritz originaland will be looking at foreign salt biscuits for that great flavour.

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