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I've been eating Ritz crackers regularly for many years and I used to love them. Recently I bought a box that not only went from 16 oz to 13.7 oz, but the crackers were oval (and therefore smaller) in a cynical attempt to make them seem healthier (less fat per "serving" by making the serving smaller) or to make it seem like they weren't decreasing the package size by keeping the cracker number per stack comparable (only a couple crackers fewer, but each cracker smaller); even worse, it seems they tried to make up for the decreased flavor by adding more sugar/high fructose corn syrup, so they taste noticeably sweeter.

If I wanted cookies, I'd have bought cookies. It's awful.

Stop screwing with a good thing! I'll be buying the house brand or Townhouse crackers until Nabisco stops putting huge profits above consumers!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with old ritz and stated that there is a room for improvement of taste was not the same and crumbled and decreased quantity. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "smaller package, recipe change" of ritz crackers and associated monetary loss in the amount of $9. Ritz Crackers needs to "return to full sized crackers, full sized box, and the "classic" recipe!" according to poster's claims.

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I'm with you! If you're near one, try the house brand (I think it's called 365?) from Whole Foods.

They taste/look exactly like an old school Ritz.

As I'm currently eating Ritz b/c I cant always make it to Whole Foods, I'm thinking how much better my soup would be if I had old school Ritz. Next time I'm buying a few boxes from WF.


I just bought a box of ritz original 200g in Vancouver, Canada.

1 in 5 crackers is thin and oval (as mentioned) Broken pieces everywhere, again about 1 in 5. Bland and flavourless, they're nothing like the ones I remember from 10 years ago.

No more Christie product for me, until they shape up. Another company ruined by bean counters.

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