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my husband was recently eating ritz crackers when he came across peanut butter down the side of the package!!! on the crackers!!

are they trying to kill someone!! my husband is highly allergic to peanut butter! wtf... the regular crackers should not even be anywhere near the ones they fill with peanut butter..

with so many peanut allergies around the world are they looking for a lawsuitor maybe some have already been filed! i will be looking into this matter more thourally!! the box was a 15 pack sold at costco in tukwilla wash. the info on the box is as stated...

07nov14bd220 51 along with this complaint i will be mailing the package back after taking pictures n expect none the least a refund!!

we spend a minor fortune on these crackers n always have them sitting in sveral locations in our home.. hopefully this will not have to change.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ritz Crackers Crackers.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I bought a package of ritz crackers from Wegmans last week and when I opened the package there was this brown substance on the edges that looked like peanut butter. I called the company, Mondelez International and was told it is NOT peanut butter.

It is Soft Egg Breadcrumbs.

No where on the packaging label does it indicate that eggs are in the product. Be careful when buying Ritz Crackers.Needless to say, I will not buy them again.


Yesterday I opened a sleeve of them and had the same thing. There is peanut butter smeared along the edges of my Ritz crackers.

Princeton Junction, New Jersey, United States #1323593

It's still happening almost three years later.


Do you not know how to spell, capitalize, and use proper grammar? Does it use words on the package similar to "caution: this product has been manufactured in a facility that produces peanuts and peanut products?" A lot of products have similar warnings on them. It is up to the consumer to be aware of things like that.

to anonymous #1394310

There should not be visible peanut butter on your plain Ritz.

to anonymous #1547214

I just opened a package of plain Ritz crackers and there was definitely peanut butter on the edges of several, and a dollop of peanut butter stuck to the inside of the brown wax paper wrapper. Bread crumbs?


And, no where on the box does it say that the product is produced in a facility that produces peanuts or peanut products. I have examined the box thoroughly.

to C. Bliss #1557205

I just called about the same issue. I was told it was a paste used in production of the crackers. It seems like they can't even get on the same page as to what they want to lie about it being inside of the package

to anonymous #1601284

It does not say anything about peanuts or nuts. It says that it may contain soy or wheat.

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