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I purchased the regular ritz crackers like I usually do because my child has a peanut allergy, the box says nothing about being manufactured in a facility with peanuts but when I opened a bag it had peanut butter inside the bag and on some of the crackers.This could be deadly for some people.

Either label your damn box correctly or get stuff under control in your facility. It only takes a little bit of peanut butter to cause death.

I have already sent an email to nabisco company, about 3 weeks ago and I still haven’t heard anything back from them.This should be top priority and recalled before someone gets hurt.

Review about: Ritz Crackers Original Crackers.

Reason of review: Peanut butter on original crackers.

Preferred solution: Recalled, fix your facility issues.


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I understand it is a law that manufacturers indicate what country their product is raised, made , or processed in.Example USA.

(USA/Peru doesn't cut it). I do not want food made in other countries.

From what I've read today, I do not understand why you are still in business. Obviously your company is unconcerned about debris in your crackers and blow people off when they complain. Great customer service!

Businesses in this country no longer take pride in their products, it's just gimme the money.

Your Ritz crackers are not recognizable, they are thinner, and definitely crumble when you touch them.You can't spread cheese or anything on them, because they break in a million pieces.

Who bought Nabisco?

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