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I bought a pack of Ritz crackers from a local Hitchcocks markets in east Palatka Florida on 09/05/2015 and upping finishing a sleeve of crackers with my daughter I noticed 2 crackers stuck together with what looked and smelled like peanut butter (I refused to taste it)! My daughter has a peanut allergy thank god she didn't grab it and eat it! We love the product and only buy Ritz but this now scares me from using the product again!

- very mad mom

Britney Shockley

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I'm in Indiana & just had a similar experience. Not as much as your cracker shows but just on one side of several of same sleeve.

It doesn't smell like peanut butter. I'm thinking it is unbaked dough. Very disappointing though. Lack of standards.

Will probably not buy Ritz anymore. Will buy Townhouse or other.

to Anonymous #1312112

Here in Minnesota this seems to happen all the time. This brown substance that looks but does not smell like peanut butter is in the unopened packet of ritz crackers.

If it's not that, then the crackers are so crumbly they can't be handled without crumbs everywhere.

This is just sloppy manufactory ng and very low standards as I see it. I'm switching brands.


Thank God you saw that, and she didn't eat it! My daughter has food allergies, too.

I will always check these crackers from now on. Thanks for posting this, and God bless you and yours.

to Anonymous #1032208

Thank you and God bless to you and yours as well, yes she is one 1 1/2 so it would have been bad :( haven't heard from the company yet

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