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We purchased a bag of this new item. We opened the bag to find a pile of crumbs and dust. There were only 17 Chips full size the rest were either 3/4" or smaller or dust. You failed with this product. Do not give me the Keebler excuse "we have no control in shipping". Ritz has always been welcome in our home. At present we have 2 boxes of Ritz Crackers in out snack cabinet. Just a note to let you know we are not happy with crumbs! John Willis...
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I saw these chips at my local Walmart and was curious to how they tasted.So I bought them, went home, plopped down on my couch and opened the bag. The chips themselves taste great...after I wiped off the layer of salt coating each one. There really is no need for so much salt. Let the chips do the work. They actually have a great natural flavor. So less salt or even no salt would be great, because not only would it be healthier, but also less...
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Ritz Crackers Toasted Corn Chips Review

I just purchased the roasted corn chips. I wanted them to go with guacamole. However the package has 99.9% broken in tiny pieces. The flavor is fab but how you package them is awful. None survive for dipping. Please fix packaging or make them thicker. Thanks.