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I am a huge fan of the whole wheat ritz crackers but the last few (maybe six boxes) have been full of either already crumbled crackers or when you pick them up, they crumble. This *** me off because as everyone knows there are fewer crackers in a box and the price did...
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Ritz Crackers - Whole Wheat Crackers
I am an old customer and buy wheat crackers 12.9 Oz boxes on a regular basis.Lately have noticed that each individual package in the box is not sealed from the top and the sides. I am not very satisfied with the freshness of these crackers. Kindly check it out and make...
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Ritz Crackers Whole Wheat Crackers Review

Nabisco - Simple Review #1462473013
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Will NEVER purchase again. Found 3 crackers clumped together by HAIR!!! We were so disgusted we nearly vomitted. Customer service acted as if it was no big deal, and simply offered to replace the box. Ummm, no thank you!! I wouldn't eat this product again if someone paid me. While we understand it is near impossible to have perfect QA on all products, this type of oversight is unacceptable.
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